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10.1 inch HDMI LCD 1024 x 00 Capacitive Touch Screen for Raspberry PiMain Features: Features mounting holes for Raspberry Pi 3B 2B B+ A+ 1024 x 00..


Ex Tax: $85.16


130PCS 5MM RGB 3-color LED Diodes Ultra Bright DIY Electronic Component Light-emittingProduct Description3-color LED diodes:R: Wave length: 30 - 40nm...


Ex Tax: $5.15


2 Channel 5V Relay Shield Module for DIY ProjectMain Features: Relay control interface by single chip IO. Low level suction close, high level release ..


Ex Tax: $1.25


2 Pack Keyestudio L9110 Fan Module for Firefighting Robot DesignMain Features: Equipped with installing hole, compatible with steering gear tiller con..


Ex Tax: $7.56


2 Pack Practical DIY U Type GPIO Expansion Board Compatible with Raspberry PI B+Main Features: This accessory is for Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi B+ U-..


Ex Tax: $8.37


2000W SCR Voltage Regulator Module Dimming Motor Speed Controller ThermostatDescription:The SCR Voltage Regulator Module can be connected to the la..


Ex Tax: $1.93


2PCS Keyestudio KY0007 Rotary Encoder Module for ArduinoMain Features: By rotating the rotary encoder can be counted in the positive direction and the..


Ex Tax: $4.02


2PCS Keyestudio USB Host Shield Expansion Board Compatible Google Android for ArduinoMain Features: Supports Google Android ADK function Supports Andr..


Ex Tax: $15.29


2PCS MD0077 Full Color LED RGB Matrix Module Driver Board without Dot MatrixMain Features: 8 x 8 dot matrix driver module using high-speed 74HC595 ser..


Ex Tax: $17.22

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